Monday, August 5, 2013

Call For Wilderness Designation to the Backcounrty Area in Shawnee State Forest!

Our State Parks and Forests - fracked, timbered and burned. 
When will we say, "Enough"? 

Biodiversity Must Be Protected for Future Generations!  Ohio Division of Forestry should strengthen the habitat protections for the 8,000 acres of Backcountry Area of Shawnee State Forest in Scioto and Adams counties.  The best way to protect State designated “Endangered” and “Threatened” species is to permit no timbering, burning or vehicle access in large, un-fragmented areas.  As Ohio continues to commit its forest and park areas to fracking and timbering, we call for equal acre-for-acre set-asides to be converted to Wilderness designation.

As a member of the Ohio Ornithological Society and resident of Ohio, I want the Backcountry Management Area of Shawnee State Forest given the designation of a protected Wilderness. It’s my belief that Ohio needs to do more to create areas for rare species to thrive. I want more protected land in Ohio for our future generations to enjoy!  Please take a minute to print and send this letter to the Ohio Division of Forestry. Our voices must be heard, and time is running out.
       Mail To: Nate Jester, Ohio Division of Forestry 345 Allen Avenue Chillicothe OH 45601
The public has a limited time to respond! Please submit by August 30, 2013.
For updates and more information on this issue, visit the Buckeye Forest Council at:  ( and the Ohio Environmental Council at:

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