Saturday, November 30, 2013

Call for Submissions for the Ohio Cardinal Magazine

Call for Sightings for the Ohio Cardinal!
Winter is here, at least for The Ohio Cardinal, and weatherwise for those of us on the north coast. Please send your fall (August through November) sightings to Craig Caldwell, 1270 W. Melrose Dr., Westlake, OH, 44145 or In addition to sightings, we welcome photos, anecdotes, book/e-media/app reviews, general interest articles, and research papers. If you enter your sightings into eBird, you do not need to send a report – we download all the entries directly from Cornell. Feel free, however, to expand on items in your eBird list in a separate note to me, because I can’t look at every note in eBird.

Digital photo files, please; send prints only with prior approval. If you post photos to FaceBook, Flickr, or the like, you can send links to them rather than the photo files themselves. Photos and links go to Laura Keene, .

The deadline is December 15. Thank you in advance.

We’re close to being caught up to our desired publication schedule. The Fall 2012 issue went out a couple of weeks ago, Winter 2012-13 is in layout, and Spring 2013 is more than half written.

Craig Caldwell
Editor, The Ohio Cardinal
The Ohio Ornithological Society

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